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Hello Gorgeous, welcome to KoaraJewels! We sell beautiful handmade fashion jewelleries and accessories to make you look beautiful and happy everyday!

Many ask what or who is Koara? Koara, is koala in Japanese. Nope, we are not from Japan nor Australia, our founder just have a special affection to this unique special creature who is well-known in the world even though it only lives in one country. We hope to be as unique and able to share our beautiful pieces around the world.

KoaraJewels is a fashion brand created by a Malaysian born company Koara Kreatif Resources (003019459-D) with company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). We have our own creations as well as handpicks trendy products from our trusted suppliers. Most of our products are handmade with love; some are even limited edition with only one limited piece for the special you. We strive to update and share our beautiful collections regularly on weekly basis. 

We are here to inspire women to stay beautiful and happy everyday with our quality and affordable fashion accessories. We hope that by adding a little touch to a woman’s daily fashion, whether it’s just a simple pair of earrings, hairclip, necklace, bracelet or a bag/pouch they carry, in a small way, it can help to elevate our sense of confidence and embrace self-love to enjoy every moment. 

Not just for women, we too have a collection for girls. Happy and beautiful memories are build from young and we should inspire our own girls to have self-love and confident too.

Happy shopping!

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